Creating a card collection that breaks away from the norm of illustrative designs. 
My aim was to experiment with the use of photography to create a sophisticated collection, celebrating the use of floral nature. 
The use of flowers can bring huge meaning to any event, whether that be celebrating a milestone birthday or giving sympathy. 
Within a fast paced society, trends come and go. However, the use of floral designs are timeless. 
Throughout my research process I looked into layering different textures, with linear drawings and I experimented trapping flowers in resin. However, I felt the outcome didn’t portray the sophisticated timeless look I set out to achieve. When photographing the flowers I loved the way the shadow fell on the page, giving a very delicate feel. I loved how the use of photography turned out when combined with typography to bring it together as a final composition. 
This photographic floral style has become the base of my designs which could then be further developed into a range of seasonal cards.

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